The Agency


byHands represents some of Norway’s most talented contemporary artists. Based in Oslo,
we work with both national and international clients. Our award-winning illustrators
represent a unique range of skills and techniques. byHands was founded in 2010. Since
then we have grown to become Norway’s leading agency for commercial and artistic illustration.

Our goal

We help clients find the right illustrator for their project, and follow the whole process
closely, from initial brief to final delivery. We are here to make life easier for both our
clients and illustrators. Our team is kept small, which means we can focus on what’s most
important: happy clients and happy artists.

The Team

byHands represents the following Norwegian creatives:

Anette Moi,
Bendik Kaltenborn,
Børge Bredenbekk,
Darling Clementine,
Esra Røise,
Frode Skaren,
Hanne Berkaak,
Jon Arne Berg,
Julie Wilkinson / Makerie Studio,
Kristian Hammerstad,
Magnus Voll Mathiassen,
Peter-John de Villiers,
Robin Snasen Rengård,
and Sandra Blikås.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are in need of an illustrator,
would like to cooperate on a project, or want to learn more about us.
You are welcome to stop by our studio at Grünerløkka in Oslo at any time.

Contact us!

Ida Lund Bjørnsen

Illustration agent / Founding Partner

Ida Lund Bjørnsen has her background from marketing. After working for both The Norwegian Design Council and Grafill (The Norwegian Organization for Visual Communication), she decided to act upon her attraction to illustration and established byHands in 2010.
(+47) 920 26 158

Kjersti Brinch Lund

Illustration agent

Anne-Marie Nikolaisen

Illustration Agent

What We Do


We provide illustrations for advertising, visual identities, technical illustrations,
icons, editorial illustrations for newspapers and magazines, brochures and annual reports,
as well as for a lot of other areas where illustration can be applied; like wall paintings,
products, presentation material or storyboards. Whenever you need an illustration, or any
advice related, we would love to help you out.

Tailor made solutions

All projects are different and require tailor-made solutions, and all assignments require
a brief. A brief describes the most important points of the particular assignment. Here
are some questions we ask in order to get started:

Relevant questions

  • What is the context, and who is the targeted group?
  • Have you got a specific style, or illustrator in mind?
  • Do you know how many illustrations you’ll need?
  • Where will the illustration(s) be used, and for how long?
  • What time frame does the project have?

If you do not have a full brief, don’t worry! We will work out the details with you.


In addition to our own team of illustrators, we collaborate with other skilled illustrators
that can assist you, as well as an extensive network of competence within graphic design,
motion graphics, copywriting, web-design, animation, and other creative fields. We also work
with a handful of talented storyboard artists on a regular basis.


We work with a wide range of clients, from national award winning agencies,
brands, organisations, magazines and newspapers to governmental institutions,
cultural associations and production companies.