Børge Bredenbekk


Børge Bredenbekk grew up in Stavanger and studied for a BA (Hons) in England 1993 to 1997. Following this he worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in Switzerland and New York. He returned to Oslo in 2007 where he became a keen contributor to the start up of the collective Brenneriveien, and also one of the first illustrators to join byHands. He now works from his home in Fredrikstad and focuses on drawing and printmaking. Børge’s work combines different technical skills with a keen eye for storytelling, carefully considered compositions and bold visuals. His work is divided in two styles that both embraces craft and execution. His drawings are usually pencil or charcoal based on a duality of dark and beautiful, and his graphic work use bold lines or patterns. His commercial work is well awarded and his art prints distributed internationally.


Swatch / Völkl / Santa Cruz / Paiste / Stimorol / Tine / Lyse / Meny / USBL / DNB / SAS / NSB / Freia / Maarud / Ruter / Redd Barna / Humanetisk Forbund / Norsk Psykologiforening / Den Norske Opera & Ballett / Variety Magazine / Die Welt / D2 / Gyldendal / Aschehoug / Vigmostad & Bjørke / Universitetsforlaget / Amedia / Jazznytt / E.C. Dahls Bryggeri / Litteraturfestivalen / Middelalderfestivalen / Hovefestivalen / By:Larm / Litteraturfestivalen / Oslo World Festival / Trøndelag Teater / Create Festival London / Scenario Interiørarkitekt / Gottlieb Paludan Architects / Norsk Arkitektforening / Norsk Designråd


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