Sandra Blikås


Sandra Blikås, originally from Hustadvika, graduated from the Norwegian School of Creative Subjects in Trondheim in 2011, majoring in both graphic design and illustration. Sandra moved to Oslo in 2014 and has since worked full-time as a freelance illustrator. She creates colorful, lush, and organic illustrations. They are often dominated by round shapes and curved lines put together as figurative scenarios and patterns. 


Posten / Innovative Anskaffelser / Designforevig / Oslo Fushion Festival / DOGA / Røros Tweed / Klimabrølet / Oslo Design Fair / Eplehuset / Sustainordic / Altinn / E.C Dahls / GRO hydrokultur / Ol Pejeta Conservancy / Adobe Create / KLP / Oslo Met, among others.


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