Published 30/8/2022

Uglylogo/Frode Skaren

Bok- og Kulturbussen

The book- and culture bus
Norway is a long and narrow country where people live scattered. Several places the public services need to adjust to that, and we find a great example in the “Book- and culture buss” in Troms og Finnmark County. The library on wheels drives around the county, primarily to meet children and youth, but still offer something for everybody, as they throw events, and convey art, music and sami culture.

The white and quite boring bus was in severe need of a visual upgrading, and project owner and driving force Anne Gerd Lehn had a vision of doing something different this time. Long story short; she contacted byHands to get advice, and we're so happy she chose Frode Skaren for this project. His creativity fitted this project perfectly. Beyond having to be somewhat relevant to what the buss offers, and it being high up north, Frode was free to unleash his creativity. The result turned out quite magical, with trolls, dragons and lots of happy characters, hopefully tempting people's curiosity to explore more. We believe this must be the coolest bus driving under the northern sky, agree?