Exhibition, talks and party at E.C. Dahls Trondheim

Our light box exhibition traveled to Trondheim in the beginning of February to showcase our new format and fresh artworks by our illustrators. The exhibition was first seen in September 2018, when byHands hosted an exclusive exhibition and event for friends and close contacts.

The venue for this event was set at E.C. Dahls brewery, a long time client for byHands, and a great one for creative collaboration. The moment you step in to the historic brewery, Sandra Blikås’ illustrations can be seen adorning the exterior walls. Packaging projects featuring illustrations by Darling Clementine, Børge Bredenbekk and Blikås has also been put to production during the last years. 

The exhibition, however, was something completely new to fill the beer-smelling floors of the production halls at E.C Dahls. In close collaboration with Grafill Trønderlag, we hosted an event with talks by Frode Skaren and Sandra Blikås at the brewery, followed by food from E.C Dahls restaurant, and exhibition opening. Our very own Robin Snasen Rengård was in charge of mood setting tunes, and collaborated later on with Babusjka’s Ernst Føyn for a party-starting VJ-set. 

Thank you Trondheim for having us! We had a blast.

The exhibition can be seen at E.C. Dahls and will keep open until mid March 2019. 

Please get in touch if you're interested in buying one of the light boxes.

Artworks exhibited:

Bjørnen by Børge Bredenbekk

To the Lighthouse by Darling Clementine

YesYes by Frisso

Grønlandsleiret by Kristian Hammerstad

Mye, Lenge by Robin Snasen

Høns by Sandra Blikås

Dandelion by Uglylogo

Open gallery

Open gallery